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Sitworld: ITM Permanent Configuration Best Practices

John Alvord, IBM Corporation jalvord@us.ibm.com Draft #1 – 1/16/2020 – Level 1.00000 Follow on twitter Inspiration I am often asked for advice on how to change an ITM process configuration. It could be something simple like adding a diagnostic trace definition. It could be more complex like adding EPHEMERAL:Y to a communication control. There areContinue reading “Sitworld: ITM Permanent Configuration Best Practices”

Sitworld: Introduction

During my normal work. I see many interesting puzzles on how to accomplish useful work in IBM Tivoli Monitoring [ITM]. Often these revolve around situations. Over time I will present some basic education on the subject but first there are some interesting cases that will benefit from some interactions.  So for the moment, I willContinue reading “Sitworld: Introduction”

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